Magnus Carlsen is crowned World Champion

<span class="color1">Magnus Carlsen is crowned World Champion</span>

Magnus Carlsen is World Chess Champion 2013!

Carlsen wins the match 6,5 : 3,5

<span class="color1">Magnus Carlsen is World Chess Champion 2013!</span>

Interview with Magnus Carlsen

<span class="color1">Interview with Magnus Carlsen</span>

Between 100 and 200 million follow daily FWCM on TV

The interest in FWCM in Chennai is record breaking

<span class="color1">Between 100 and 200 million follow daily FWCM on TV</span>

Game 9 Press conference

<span class="color1">Game 9 Press conference</span>

Carlsen extends the lead

Carlsen leads 6 : 3 against Anand

<span class="color1">Carlsen extends the lead</span>

Carlsen - Anand 5:3 after game 8

a quick draw in Chennai today

<span class="color1">Carlsen - Anand 5:3 after game 8</span>


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Game 7 drawn after repetition

Carlsen 4,5 - Anand 2,5

<span class="color1">Game 7 drawn after repetition</span>

Game 7 Press conference

<span class="color1">Game 7 Press conference</span>

Carlsen with second consecutive victory

FIDE World Championship Game 6

<span class="color1">Carlsen with second consecutive victory</span>

Carlsen opens the score

FIDE World Championship round 5

<span class="color1">Carlsen opens the score</span>

Mary Ann Gomes emerges Champion

at the Women International Grandmaster Tournament

<span class="color1">Mary Ann Gomes emerges Champion</span>

Anand and Carlsen impressive with black

115 fighting moves in the last two games

<span class="color1">Anand and Carlsen impressive with black</span>

Enjoy Anand - Carlsen closing ceremony video

Enjoy Anand - Carlsen closing ceremony live video with commentary starting at 12:15 pm local time


Anand - Carlsen Game 10 (LIVE + VIDEO)

Game 10 Anand - Carlsen LIVE with video commentary


Watch Anand - Carlsen live games

Watch and replay all Anand - Carlsen live games with computer analysis


FWCM 2013 result

Magnus Carlsen is the new World Champion winning the match with Viswanathan Anand 6,5 : 3,5

6,5 : 3,5

M. Carlsen is the Challenger

Magnus Carlsen (Norway, World No1. in the FIDE rankings) won the Candidates Tournament 2013, played in London in the beginning of the year, after the thrilling finish to become the official challenger of reigning World Champion Viswanathan Anand. Of age only 22, Carlsen is currently the number one FIDE rated player with 2862 ELO (Sept 2013) More info and video

V. Anand is the Defending Champion

Viswanathan Anand (India, World Chess Champion) retained the title of the World Champion after defeating the challenger Boris Gelfand in the FWCM 2012 in Moscow, Russia. There he defend the title he holds from Mexico 2007, Bonn 2008, and Sofia 2010. Anand was also champion in 2000 after the knock-out tournament and he won the FIDE World Rapid Championship in 2003 More info and video

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    FIDE World Championship Match (FWCM) 2013, Viswanathan Anand - Magnus Carlsen