How to Live Stress How to Live Stress Free By Saying No October 5, 2008 By Aurelia Williams Leave a Comment We all know the adage, A mothers work is never done. In fact, this could become a modern day mothers theme song since we all cheap michael kors handbags have overbooked schedules Christian Louboutin Replica and everybody wants something done yesterday. We teach our children from a young age that it is impolite to say the word, No, which was a lesson cheap michael kors outlet we learned in childhood, too. Now as adults, it is increasingly difficult to say, No, to anyone for fear of being rude cheap michael kors store or being seen as unreliable. Mothers need to learn that saying, No, as an adult is not rude. Rather, it is a sign of someone who is in control of her life and her schedule. She knows what she is capable of accomplishing and she is aware of her other commitments. Here are a few ways to gain back control of your life, simply by learning how to say, No : 1. Be selective when choosing to vibram five fingers sale shoes volunteer your time. Being involved in your childs school IS important but that does discount michael kors sale not mean you have to serve on
already done. We’re on the bank of the river, saving drowning people, but we need to go to the head of the river to find out why they’re falling in". Ms. Steinem spoke in a relaxed, intimate style; almost as if each of us were sitting with her in her living room. Her warm, mellow voice and delivery, however, didn’t hide her sharp tongue when she spoke of women still being negated. She railed against a patriarchal society. "Why aren’t female humans ferocious; why don’t they defend themselves, when we stand against war and conflict, when we’re cheap michael kors naturally pacifists? Racism is dependant on patriarchy and it requires control vibram five fingers shoes sale of women and opposes any attempt to separate sexuality from reproduction". Noting that over the past 5000 years, a patriarchal society has been a way of discount michael kors life for only about 5% of those years, she quipped "Maybe this 5% was an experiment that failed". Ms. Steinem applauded the merits of women’s shelters, "Shelters such replica cheap Michael Kors as Interim Place are very important because they
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