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Mayor Releases 2015 Preliminary Budget Skip to contentPlanning Board Meeting September 16, 2014The Mayor of the City of Poughkeepsie, John Michael Kors outlet C. Tkazyik, released his 2015 Preliminary Budget today. Attached, for your reference, is the budget overview. "The 2015 budget reflects the continued effort to strengthen the City’s financial position. The 2013 General Fund ended with a surplus. The 2015 cheap michael kors proposed budget contains conservative, realistic numbers that follow the New York State OSC recommendations and the expectations of Moody’s," said Mayor Tkazyik in a statement today. 2015 Preliminary Budget Overview 2015 Preliminary Budget This entry was posted in City Hall. Bookmark the permalink. Make a PaymentParking Ticket Payment System Water Sewer Payment System cheap wholesale michael kors Sanitation Payment System Property Tax Payment SystemeNewsletter Subscribe to our mailing listContact InfoCity Hall: (845) 451 4200 DPW: cheap wholesale gucci (845) 451 4111 Police: (845) 451 4000 Fire: (845) 451 4079 City Court: (845) 483 8200 During an emergency, dial 9 1 1 Firefighter Timothy GuntherLast Alarm: 5/5/2015 Recent DocumentsCity Post Specifications (948.5 KiB, 16 hits)Project Phasing Decorative Light Comparison (4.4 MiB, 16 hits)LED Project: Common Council Presentation May 5, 2014 (722.7 KiB, 16 hits)Approved Street Light Project Economics (202.4 KiB, 14 hits)Vacant/Foreclosure Property Bond Application Form (356.0 KiB, 14 hits)Downloads fake Michael kors handbags Page Citizen Observer Alert NetworkVehicle Break Ins in City Southside Christian Louboutin Online June 17, 2015Bear No Longer in Park But Remains in Area June 10, 2015Bear Sighting in Spratt Park June 10, 2015Police Records Office Closed on Wednesdays June cheap michael kors handbags 3, 2015Search Warrant Leads to Marijuana Arrests May 29, 2015
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