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The 5 Actual Happiest Places On Earth

Cynicism is easy to come by when literally any combination of words punched into a search engine reveals twisted pornography and creative racism. But optimism takes work. That’s why we decided to go
fake Michael Kors out of our way to find some of the greatest places on the planet; places that people created simply to try to make existence a bit more awesome for those around them. Here’s what we found:

5. A 3,000 Acre Animal Paradise

Animal shelters are universally depressing places dismal prisons for creatures whose only crime was being too snuggly. But the Best Friends Animal Society
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Best Friends Animal Society

"Race you to paradise!"

Located in southern Utah, the 3,000 acre sanctuary serves about 1,700 animals in need on a
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fake Michael kors handbags outlet special needs, disabilities, or are just plain farty. The sanctuary is separated into areas with names like "Dog Town," "Cat World," and "Horse Haven" (tourist tip: avoid "Tarantula Terrace"), each of which includes group homes that are probably nicer than any apartment you’ve ever had. Even the pigs "enjoy a short, squat, adorable piggy village with warm homes."

Segregation has never looked so adorable.

Meanwhile, the Wild Friends area rescues everything else
fake Michael Kors bobcats, eagles, hawks, owls, bats then releases them back into the wild when they’re all better. Of course, they’re welcome to continue chilling at Best Friends for life if they can’t be released for medical reasons or are super lazy.

Best Friends Animal Society

"Nah, I’m good here. How about you go live in a tree and eat field mice."

In 2013, 992 animals were adopted from Best Friends (out of 1,700, that’s pretty good), not to mention the 37,000 pets they helped put in homes through their various community programs, local shelters, and partner networks. Remember "the nice farm upstate" your parents said they sent your dog to, when he got sick? This is probably it!

4. The Fancy Indian Temple That’s Also a Giant Community Kitchen

Travel Ink/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Quick, picture a community kitchen. You probably see something drab and grey, likely in an industrial district. It’s always raining and there’s a sick old dog standing off to one side, right? Well,
discount Michael Kors here’s the largest free community kitchen in the world:Wait, this can’t be right. Did we post a Magic Kingdom pic by mistake?

That’s the Harmandir Sahib in Punjab, India, the holiest shrine in the Sikh religion and home to a kickass lentil soup. The "Golden Temple" also offers free bread and rice 24 hours a day, every day, to anyone who wants it. About 75,000 people eat there on an average day.

Seriously, you simply go in, sit on the floor, and get served some delicious munch.

It takes 15,000 lbs. of flour, 26,000 lbs. of rice, 2,800 lbs. of lentils, 300,000 metal plates, and 450 staff members (plus hundreds of volunteers) to make the kitchen run. The whole operation is supported by donations from around the world . and probably also, like, some pillars and concrete and stuff."Almost perfect; just needs a few more sacks of salt."

There’s also live music and dormitories for pilgrims to sleep in. Though we’re not sure if they’re co ed, which shouldn’t be a problem, since you had to check your lucky cape at the door anyway.Articles Connexes?

Articles Connexes?


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