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‘God particle’ sound created by Large Hadron Collider scientists,
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Large Hadron Collider: It very big indeed

The God particle is thought by physicists to give all others their mass,
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The purpose of giving it a sound is to help scientists recognise the moment the elusive particle appears, though it’s by no means certain that it will.

The LHC is the world largest atom smasher and recreates conditions just after the Big Bang by crashing beams of protons together at near light speed in a 17 mile tunnel below the French Swiss border,
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The process of turning the data yielded by these collisions into sound is known as ‘sonification’ and the creators are confident that it will prove a very useful extra tool for the LHC’s workers.

The scientific score was created by sound engineers using Atlas, the super computer at the LHC that analyses the raw data.

Archer Endrich, one of the engineers behind the idea, told the BBC: ‘When you are hearing what the sonifications do you really are hearing the data. It true to the data,
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feel closer to the mystery of Nature which I think a lot of scientists do when they get deep into these matters.

so intriguing and there so much mystery and so much to learn. The deeper you go, the more of a pattern you find and it fascinating and it uplifting.

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