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If the shoe fits

HOLLYWOOD So your buddies keep telling you you’re the spitting image of Matthew McConaughey and you’ve got a future in Hollywood as his body double. to pursue your destiny, there are a couple of things you should know about the photo double/stand in business.

While a resemblance to the movie star in question is unquestionably a good start, equally important if not moreso is your ability to fill said celeb’s shoes.

When a call goes out for a photo double, they’re usually looking for somebody who can appear in shots that don’t require close ups of the real McCoy.

Stuff like longshots,
black cards against humanity, where you can’t really make out any facial details, or over the shoulder shots,
cards against humanity free download, when the camera is focused on another character doing the talking.

Why tie up Matthew when he can be at the beach working in a few more crunches?

Enter the photo double, who should look enough like MM in terms of hair length and skin tone, but what really seals the deal is that you’re a perfect fit for his wardrobe.

Because the costume department has neither the time nor the budget to tailor a second set of clothing to your specifications, Matthew’s castoffs need to fit perfectly.

According to our highly placed wardrobe source, Deep Thread, that would mean a 33 inch waist and a 32 inch inseam,
cards against humanity online version, 161/2 inch neck with 34 inch sleeves (that is, for the odd time he happens to be actually wearing a shirt) and a size 10 shoe.

Guys with smaller necks and longer legs need not apply.

Okay, then, say you’re a John Cusack look a like.

Again, according to Deep Thread, the 6 foot 3 actor wears a 46 48L jacket. He has a 171/2 to 18 inch neck and a 37 inch sleeve, a 38 inch waist and his shoe size is either 111/2 or 12, depending on the shoe.

Bigger than you thought, right?

You might have figured on, say, Woody Harrelson, his co star in the upcoming disaster flick, 2012, taking the larger sizes, but you’d be wrong.

Harrelson is 5 foot 10, weighs about 170 pounds, wears a 40R jacket, a 161/2/35 shirt, 34/32 pants and a size 101/2 shoe.

Let’s say you look in the mirror and you see the wild and crazy visage of Steve Martin staring back at you,
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Far more important is that you share the 6 foot comedian’s 44 jacket size and fit into his 17/36 shirt, 36/32 pants and size 12 (cruel) shoes.

Those are the sizes Martin is currently wearing in a new comedy being directed by Nancy (What Women Want) Meyers.

If computer generated chipmunks are more your speed and you’ve been told you could pass for Jason Lee’s brother, then you also need to know that the 6 foot 1, 185 pound star of the currently in production Alvin the Chipmunks 2 wears a 42L jacket and 34/34 pants.

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