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Mart Returns System Allows Major Thefts to Go Unnoticed

Flaw in Wal Mart Returns System Allows Major Thefts to Go Unnoticed

We love tearing apart security here at Null Byte. Several years back, upon returning items to Wal Mart due to a malfunction, I noticed something very peculiar about the way their overall procedure goes. I brought the item up to the desk, and the woman asked if it didn’t work, which I responded affirmatively. Without a moment’s notice, she takes it right off to the defective items area and asks if I would like cash or store credit.

Great customer service, but if Wal Mart is at all concerned about protecting themselves, they should probably stop what they’re doing. The woman behind the counter not only failed to check if the serial number matched the one on my receipt, but she also didn’t ask for any receipt whatsoever! This kind of loophole could allow people to craft all sorts of nasty manipulative tricks. He would make it out of the door easily. Validate your receipts, always.

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While true, they are watching. If you try this stuff, be very careful. It’s not exactly recommended but it is a gaping flaw in security that should be addressed. Then again, there are plenty of other flaws too. It’s only shoplifting if they catch you walking out of the store with an item, so if you literally run in, grab something,
cards against humanity game online, and run out before anyone gets to the door, it doesn’t matter if you’re on camera. They can’t charge you after you leave the property. Again, not recommended, but it’s something to think about.

If you must know, I used to do this. I would literally run in and just grab something and run out again. Normally I would see a security guard hit the door as I got across the street. They would see me and often made eye contact, but they didn’t follow. I was caught for shoplifting eventually (albeit not with that method) and luckily got off with a warning because I had no priors and I wasn’t picked up with anything big. Haven’t done that again, not a fun experience.

Just FYI, Wal Mart doesn’t rely solely on the cameras placed throughout the store. Loss Prevention actually has regularly dressed, average Joe’s that walk around the store and “pretend” to be shopping, all the while they are actually looking for thieves. Anyone that knows anything about Wal Mart scams and cons would know this. You can always tell who they are if you just happen to notice the same guy that just happens to be in the department or isle right next to yours, the entire time you are shopping, and he will never have anything in his hands, and never have a basket. Good luck.

As someone who used to work for Wal Mart, believe me they know all about this scam and if you do it often enough you will be caught. Depending on the apathy of the worker at the Customer Service desk, they know which returns are legit and which ones aren’t.

I caught a couple of “receipt thieves” myself, and know how easy it is to spot someone doing this.

Also as for the situation where you can buy something from somewhere else and return it to WalMart , they do not lose money in that situation. They have deals with basically all their suppliers that state that if the product is faulty they will receive their money back from the original company. They have a couple of employees that all they do is sort through returns and make sure they go back to the originating company and get the money back.

I am a former Walmart associate and if you ever hear “Stockman Oscar” that mean they are paging the security guys walking around the store. Also they are loosing ALOT of money by not having door greeters in my area. As of like 6 months or less ago, there are no more door greeters and this just allows anyone to complete this reciept scam mentioned above. They apparently just don’t care to pay attention to the thousands of people walking in everyday all day and night and they really need to make the service desk area’s near the doors, so they can at least try to pay attn.

alright look, remember this: they work at walmart, how smart can they be? anyone with any hustle can get by the secret shoppers. As to them prosecuting after youve already left and didnt get caught, sure , as long as they dont get your license plate cuz then they will slap a case on you , not tell you and all of a sudden have a warrant on your ass . i just seen it happen so cover up them plates. i would love to tell you the real lick at walmart but then everyone would do it but ill lay out a hint and if you can figure it out from there the enjoy. hint 1 photoshop hint2 walmart doesnt track whats on the receipt just the value of it . get it . now edit! those of you who do your welcome . iam out

Not true they have a new system at Wal Mart that tracks the serial numbers of the items. Say you have a stolen item and try to return it for store credit or exchange the item it will show (if stolen) that that item was never purchased at all ever ie. they know its stolen now and that you have it no good. Or if you were to purchase a new item and try to return say one that you bought a year ago thats broke it will show them the date and even the time it was purchased at witch wont be the same as whats on the receipt fraud again no good.

Walmart is the leading retailer in the world, however the powers to be are starting to notice this “shrink” stolen merchandise. with that 125k that store spent they noticed a 900k increase on tier August inventory. The powers that be are starting to think that this could help with their solution. I have seen stores were their “shrink prevention” actually have equates on their prosecutions, Walmart is not stupid, I would even beet that in the near future the return policy will be receipt only, and on the higher price items taken back to the original store of purchase so that transaction could be looked up both on our inventory and our camera loop,
cards against humanities, and their is a reason that returns are done at the original store of purchase! these policy’s are in effect in three districts that I know of. “the cat and mouse game continue” To be honest I was not to confident in the new “Same store Receipt only returns” but when two inventory were complete, “the policy was so effective” that Walmart was still able to give their customers lower prices, so that they could live better!!!

Hey yeah I’m not too sure what Walmart your going to but I do returns daily. U wanna hear my trick. I live near 3 different Walmart within a 10 mile radius. . Here’s the fun part. . Now a days where I live. . St. Louis,
cards against himanity. You won’t get cash if no receipt is present. So her you go. Drive to wally world. As busy time. Grab your pedometer and park in the back of the lot just in case. . Then. U ever glance at the shopping cart Bins??! . Well once in a while. A donkey will leave their receipt right in the buggy or throw it on the ground. . You may find several receipts in a day but u have to look at each receipt. . You only want the ones that paid cash or debit. NO ABSOLUTELY NO FOODSTAMP EBT. CARDS NOR CREDIT. I SAS DEBIT. OR CASH. . THEN CHECK THE PURCHAZED ITEMS. FIND THE NON PARISHABLE item a and the costly ones. Use your smart phone as a Barcode item looker upper. Then. U match the upc codes exactly 100% or u won’t get cash. . Learned hard way. Then. Find a non camera Isle and a empty checkout Lane. Stuff the goods n bag. Walk to service desk n return or go to a different store

Incorporating features such as CarPlay, UI enhancements such as the new call screen, and several bug fixes, iOS 7.1 was the first major update to Apple operating system since iOS 7 was released in June of last year.

Now Apple has released a seemingly small update in the form of iOS 7.1.1, which contains several bug fixes including one for a major security bug. Another Apple Security Flaw?!

Just a couple of months ago, Apple issued an iOS 7.0.6 update in order to fix a security issue that could potentially allow hackers to steal usernames/passwords, read through your emails, and collect.

For anyone with jewelry sets consisting of earrings and a necklace, learn how to make this organizer to avoid tangles, broken pieces, or mismatched sets. Go to any Wal Mart store and purchase a stacking shelf, which has a grid pattern. This will be used for your earrings. You will also need a towel rack (also from Wal Mart), which will hold all of your necklaces. Bend one of the legs of the stacking shelf, so that you can have the shelf sit vertically without falling over. Because it is a grid,
cards against humanity in store?, you can then hook on all of you earrings and hang the necklaces off the side. By organizing your.

It one of life little ironies that achieving beachy, messy hair requires not just riding a wave at the beach but rather staying in the shade, as it were, at home and spraying on zillions of gallons of hair products and using various curling irons and flat irons.

Make beachy waves simpler and a lot less damaging to your hair by using epsom salt spray in your locks and then scrunchthing them for wavy hair sans heat damage.

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